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Lathe cut record creation services: one offs, short runs, singles, EPs, dubplates, albums etc.

Current lead time approx. 6 weeks (as of March 2024)

Hello, welcome to the website for Plastidisc Lathe Cut Records. Based in north Wales (UK), I turn flat black / white / transparent plastic discs into objects that make stereophonic sound when played on a gramophone / turntable / record player, using audio that you send to me. You can have one of them, one hundred of them (perhaps) or any number inbetween. From a one-sided 5″ lasting 10 seconds to a full 40 minute 12″ album, anything is possible.

Well, nearly anything.

I’ve made thousands (current estimate in early ’24: 9,500+) of discs for individual artists and musicians, and also for esteemed record labels such as Buried Treasure, Castles In Space, Finders Keepers, Country Mile, WEB13, Murmurations, Waxing Crescent, Phuture Shock Musik, Fenny Compton, Freshmilk and more besides. I know what I’m doing.

Have a click around the menu at the top of the page to see what I do, how I do it, and what it might cost to get me to do it for you if you wanted me to do it.

Bespoke vinyl* etchings for the discerning music lover in your life.

  • * The word ‘vinyl’ is used here as a catch all term for ‘a thing you put onto a record player’ rather than the actual material. What do I mean? See the FAQ for more details.