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What’s happening…?

The Milky Bars are on me…

A quick note to say that decent quality white blank discs are now available to me, and thus to you. Prices are the same as 2mm black or transparent discs, which is nice. Let me know if you fancy a flat white that makes noises rather than just makes you jittery and gives you a headache….

(It could be a both/and, I suppose.)

Pop music.

Anatomy of a soundcard crashing:

1) Almighty popping sound sent to cutterhead at full power.
2) Cutting stylus jumps off disc.
3) Cutting stylus lands back on disc in a very wonky fashion indeed.

Damage sustained: one comprehensively blown fuse and a ruined cut. Nothing else, thankfully. It could have been a *whole* lot worse, especially as I’m absolutely screaming flat out right now. I need a stiff drink to calm my nerves. (Yes, any excuse.)

Friday: How it started, how it went…

100+1 7s for a rather ace ‘indie popster supergroup’ done and dusted in an intense/insane 10 hour stint. I’d go to the/a pub but they’re all about to close. Plus I need to get started on the next job. Hey ho, and off we go again…

(I’m going to try and remember to post stuff from my FB group on here at the same time, see… makes it look better, no?)

May 2023…

Hello again. Just so you know, I’ve not vanished or stopped or anything. In fact, I’m busier now than ever. I honestly will try and collate some recent projects into a page on here, but I simply don’t have the time right now. I’ve got a current lead time of approx. six weeks, so please bear that in mind if you have a project you are considering putting my way. I think word seems to be spreading… More soon, honest!

June 2022 – hello!

How on earth can we be halfway through 2022 already? I don’t know. Anyway, this is a quick note to say you may notice I’m in the process of sorting this website out, the main part of which is moving it to some proper hosting which I hope should stop the majority of the adverts for goodness knows what appearing on it. I honestly didn’t know until I saw it on a computer not running an industrial strength adblocker. I think it’s working now, but we shall see.

As for records, I’ve been making a lot this year, and I’ve got loads more to do now. My trusty SP10 has been fitted with a bespoke part which now allows me to make 12″ discs that don’t sound like frying bacon on the run-in groove and has further reduced the (already minimal) wow and flutter on the outer edge to virtually zero. Which is good as I’ve had a couple of LPs to do which featured pianos at the very start. Always the acid test, that.

In fact, have a look/listen to this. An example of what I can make now. Compare and contrast with the competition, and all that. There may be ads on this, obviously, but that’s the world we live in.

A proper update soon. Honest. I have records to cut now, so I’d better get on with it and stop fiddling around with the website for a bit. T’ra.

December 2021

Evening. It might appear I’ve been quiet and not doing a lot, but that wouldn’t be exactly true. In fact I’ve been really flipping busy. I’ve been plagued with ‘technical issues’ recently, both warped discs and bloody printers, so I’m running a bit behind with stuff and I’m a bit surprised to find out how quickly December has vanished. I’ve had a fortnight off from the day job, which I’m already burning through at a fair old clip, trying to get back on track. I’ve just finished 30 of these rather spanking clear 10″s for the excellent Werra Foxma label (they’ll be in the post next week, chaps) and I’m now starting on a mammoth run of 10″ mini albums – this is a test cut, the final product will be transparent – and accompanying 7″s EPs of oscillator burbles for the equally excellent Buried Treasure, which I think will take me right up until I have to start getting out of pyjamas in the morning and putting on proper clothes again. Then I’m doing a small re-cut of the Negative Response album. And then… er, other things.

So, that’s my ‘holidays’ spoken for! I might have Xmas Day off, we shall see. Anyway, have a ‘fun’ festive period and all that. Right, drinks and stollen for me, I think, and hopefully I’ll manage to cram in that documentary about COUM Transmissions that was on telly a while ago. Good job I did ‘Get Back’ earlier this month. Here are a few photos from the latter half of 2021, I’ve been too busy to take them. Some capacity for February 2022 remains, get in touch eh?

June 2021

I knew I shouldn’t have started this news type page. Suffice to say there’s a lot happening but I just keep forgetting to put it on here. I’ve done several hundred discs this year, all shapes and sizes with all sorts of stuff on them. There’s a bit more action on the F*cebook group, as it’s a bit easier for me to remember to update that, but I understand that lots of people won’t go near that particular social media thing… they’re all a bit toxic as far as I’m concerned really, but whatever. I’ll try a bit harder in future here. There may be a new Plastidisc release in the offing soon as well, so watch this and that and the other spaces. In the meantime, have some photos of recent goings on:

December 2020… part 1

Morning. ?

There was a lot of activity earlier this month, lots of things being cut and a few modifications going on to the setup. More news on that soonish. I also did an ultra limited second run of On The Box and Faux Em Di, both of which didn’t hang around. Maybe some new music of my own soon, as well as stuff for others.

Also, I finally got around to editing and uploading a video I made a couple of months back, trying something out. Some may be aware that I put some 1980s computer data on a record I had out a couple of years ago. Well, taking that thinking to the obvious conclusion… a 1980s C64 game tape transferred to a record, and then loaded in? Well… (and yes, I am incredibly boring to listen to. Thanks for noticing.)

November 2020 – stuff…

Again, I’ve not written a lot. That’s not to say a lot hasn’t been happening, but it’s a bit of a faff to keep this thing updated. Most of the action happens on the f*cebook group, the details of which are on the ‘contact’ section of this website. If it’s happening, it’ll be logged there. Honest. Anyway..

So in between a myriad of jobs for other people, I put out another release on the Plastidisc label. The cutting business isn’t the label, and vice versa, but sometimes they collide. Again, this was a bit of a vanity project, with two pieces of my own electronic noodling etched into a transparent 7″, housed in a very time-consuming-to-create picture cover. Blow me down if all 50 copies weren’t spoken for within four hours of going on sale.

Aside from that, there have been another couple of jobs for Buried Treasure, with a sold out Neil Sparkes 7″ and another one by Wolfen just completed and on sale Friday 4th December at .

I’ve also done a run of 55 7″s of excellent heavy electronics by Dohnavur – on sale at and sounding totally ace.

Next onto the cutter is another 7″ of analogue punishment by Howlround, and then I’m doing a very limited reissue run (5, 10 and 10) of the three Plastidisc releases so far. All black discs this time, and in those stupidly low numbers because that’s all the sleeves I have left.

Right… see you next month, when everything I’ve just mentioned will be unavailable.

September/October round-up…

Hello. Well, I’ve proved myself to be incredibly lax at updating this thing. No change there. I could come up with lots of excuses, but really I’ll just have to admit to being a bit rubbish at it. However quite a bit has been going on.

First up, the Loose Capacitor 7″ sold out in less than 12 hours, half the time of the SA5 45. That was unexpected and very welcome. One buyer liked his so much that he immediately listed it for sale on Discogs for double the purchase price. I did wonder what the point was, why go through all that just to make £10… then someone pointed out that they’d be doing a lot less work for that £10 than I did. Oh well. I’ll look on it as proof that Plastidisc has ‘arrived’ as a label of note.

I’ve been doing various small jobs for various people, and a number of 7″ runs for the excellent Buried Treasure label, the most recent being records of extreme frequencies by Jeffrey Siedler and analogue tape abusers Howlround. There was also a lovely 12.5 minute wonky lo-fi pop EP by Ubiquitous Meh! which was one of the best things I’ve heard so far this year by anyone. All of them are long sold out, the Howlround disc vanishing in a couple of minutes. Scary.

Also, I’ve ‘upgraded’ the lathe set-up somewhat, and am now using a 1980s Technics SP10 as the platter, the old broadcast studio battletank. This has resulted in better sounding discs, neater lock grooves and the ability to cut 12″ discs without the horrific pitch wobbles that using an SL1200/1210 will result in. So, LPs are now finally on the menu. I’ll be uploading an updated price list in due course, but get in touch if you’ve got a 12″ project in mind and I’ll do my best for you. My current queue waiting time for projects is about 3 weeks, by the way. Book early for Xmas, etc.