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What’s happening…?

Be alert… etc.

Not a recently made ‘genuine’ 1960s Emidisc acetate of a Pink Floyd single, or anything like that. Nope. It’s a test cut of something else…

Well, after all the excitement of the SA5 45 is now over, and now that I’ve totally flattened and rebuilt/reinstalled my shuddering old personal computer *again*, the lathe has seen more action over the last few days. There are a few projects in the pipeline, as well as plans for another Plastidisc release (in a more electronic style, this time) but this week will be taken up mostly with a couple of 7″ releases by other lovely people. I won’t say too much about them yet, but suffice to say that they contain sounds and frequencies that might not be described as ‘easy listening’ for the majority of the general public. But as the general public seems to enjoy the vacuous noise of commercial radio etc, perhaps their judgement can’t be trusted. Anyway, stay tuned to this station and all that.

The results of said test cut, about to be presented to the artist(s) for approval. Which I’m sure will be forthcoming. Obviously.

The Secret Agent Five 7″ – now sold out!

Well, that was quite a surprise. Just over 24 hours from putting it on sale, and all 50 copies are accounted for. I must thank everyone who’s thrown their hard earned dosh in my direction, and especially those who threw a bit more than I was asking! All very unexpected, and all very welcome. I must admit that it’s thrown me somewhat, as I was expecting this to maybe sell twenty or so and then fizzle out, but no. Therefore I’m frantically cutting discs, cutting card and printing labels to hopefully get everything out this week (Royal Mail willing, of course). You can see current progress below! Everyone should get a notification through Bandcamp when theirs is in the post, but if you don’t hear anything in a week’s time or so then feel free to get in touch. Once again, thank you all. So, what’s next? Ask me when I’ve finished this lot!

The Secret Agent Five 7″ – now available

So, it’s not Record St*re Day at last. Seems an appropriate time to put this little beast up for grabs. Two lathe cut sides of ’60s inspired instrumental action, one frantic and the other a bit more reflective. It comes in a laminated card picture cover with printed inner sleeve, housed in a polythene outer sleeve. All the trappings of success, and all ‘hand crafted’ (eurgh…) by my very good self. I will only ever be making 50 copies of this.

Here’s a video of what it looks like and what it sounds like. Note the ‘BBC Four’ style camerawork. I believe that’s what gets attention these days, more’s the pity…

How much? £11 for a copy, plus £2.50 post within the UK by Royal Mail. So that’s £13.50. If you’re outside the UK, the total will be £16.00 in the EU and £17.00 elsewhere, sent RM international standard. Sounds a lot I know, but post isn’t cheap these days. Also, customs charges may apply outside of the EU, as I’m sure you know…

Also, please specify if you’d like a copy with a small centre hole, rather than the jukebox sized one (which how I’d always envisaged this release, but the option is there).

Purchase link via Bandcamp:


So, this week I created two one-off (or one two-off) records for the excellent Drew Mulholland, which was of a bespoke piece he made for someone (and therefore you’re not allowed to hear it properly). That was nice.

Also, ten 7″s I’d done for the Buried Treasure label, featuring two exclusive Revbjelde tracks, sold out in about ten minutes. That was nice also.

Tomorrow, being #notrecordst*reday (no, I’m not a fan…) I thought it was high time I put something of my own up for sale. Fancy two sides of ’60s guitar instrumental madness, in a nice hand made flipback laminated sleeve? Step this way… more details on ordering here tomorrow:


I’m working on Plastidisc’s first 7″ release (i.e. not a project for another label). Two sides of instrumental music with a definite ’60 surf-rock sort of sound, 50 copies only in hand-constructed, laminated card sleeves. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Hopefully I’ll have the first batch ready for sale in about a week’s time, all being well (and assuming the poly bags and mailers turn up on time). More news as we get it, etc.

What’s happening…?

Hello. First blog post, which should mirror the content on the Facebook group page fairly closely, for those who don’t ‘do’ that particular social networking thing.

So, April 2020. It’s taken a long time to get this thing going, and there’s probably some irony in that I needed a pandemic and society lockdown to really get my backside into gear. However, things are starting to roll. Hopefully not straight off a cliff.

Starting off with a long sold out 7″ for Adam Walton, I’ve done a ultra-limited run of singles for Swansea’s My-Ra Superstar, another one for Buried Treasure records (more on that soon, I think), and a real biggie for the lovely Castles In Space.

There are still a very few copies of the run of 100 left, link below. I was dead pleased with the sound I achieved on this one, and feedback from purchasers seems to be very positive. It’s packaged in CiS’s usual sumptuous way, and the music’s great too. So, that’s nice…