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Getting in touch…

Hopefully I’ve managed to answer most questions on the various pages of this site, but if you’ve got a query I’ve not addressed, or you fancy taking the plunge and getting me to make some records for you, you can email me at: – I check the mailbox as often as I can, so a reply shouldn’t be too long in arriving…

For Facebook users, there’s a ‘group’ you can join, which should keep everyone informed as to what I’m doing at any particular point in time. You can also get in touch with me via that, I should imagine. You can find it, look at it and perhaps join it at:

I’ve also set up an Instagram account, which I’ll hopefully fill with some nice pictures and videos of what I’m up to. You can visit it at: or search for it in the ‘app’ thing.

I shan’t be bothering with Twitter at the moment, as I dislike it intensely.

I hope to hear from you soon. Yes, you.