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Getting in touch…

Hopefully I’ve managed to answer most questions on the various pages of this site, but if you’ve got a query I’ve not addressed, or you fancy taking the plunge and getting me to make some records for you, you can email me at: – I check the mailbox as often as I can, but I am insanely busy at the moment and replies can take me a little while to compose.

Do feel free to send a follow up if you’ve not heard back from me within a couple of days or so after an initial email. Gmail isn’t without faults, that’s for sure, and things probably don’t always arrive where they should. On the other hand, and this has happened more than once recently, when you receive my long and stupidly detailed reply, please don’t just ignore it and never make contact again if you’ve not been impressed with what I’ve written/quoted, or you’ve just gone with someone else anyway. It’s seriously damned rude and a severe waste of my time, of which I don’t have enough to start with.

For Facebook users, there’s a ‘group’ you can join, which should keep everyone informed as to what I’m doing at any particular point in time. You can also get in touch with me via that, I should imagine. You can find it, look at it and perhaps join it at:

I’ve also set up an Instagram account, which I’d planned to fill with lots of lovely photos of what I’ve been making, but I just don’t get the chance to do so much, and frankly who needs to see yet another photo of a T560 cutting a black 10″ disc? But you can visit it at: or search for it in the ‘app’ thing if you like. There are too many adverts on there, anyway.

I shan’t be bothering with Twitter, as I dislike it intensely (update 2024: woah…)

I hope to hear from you soon. Yes, you.