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The Secret Agent Five 7″ – now sold out!

Well, that was quite a surprise. Just over 24 hours from putting it on sale, and all 50 copies are accounted for. I must thank everyone who’s thrown their hard earned dosh in my direction, and especially those who threw a bit more than I was asking! All very unexpected, and all very welcome. I must admit that it’s thrown me somewhat, as I was expecting this to maybe sell twenty or so and then fizzle out, but no. Therefore I’m frantically cutting discs, cutting card and printing labels to hopefully get everything out this week (Royal Mail willing, of course). You can see current progress below! Everyone should get a notification through Bandcamp when theirs is in the post, but if you don’t hear anything in a week’s time or so then feel free to get in touch. Once again, thank you all. So, what’s next? Ask me when I’ve finished this lot!

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