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Be alert… etc.

Not a recently made ‘genuine’ 1960s Emidisc acetate of a Pink Floyd single, or anything like that. Nope. It’s a test cut of something else…

Well, after all the excitement of the SA5 45 is now over, and now that I’ve totally flattened and rebuilt/reinstalled my shuddering old personal computer *again*, the lathe has seen more action over the last few days. There are a few projects in the pipeline, as well as plans for another Plastidisc release (in a more electronic style, this time) but this week will be taken up mostly with a couple of 7″ releases by other lovely people. I won’t say too much about them yet, but suffice to say that they contain sounds and frequencies that might not be described as ‘easy listening’ for the majority of the general public. But as the general public seems to enjoy the vacuous noise of commercial radio etc, perhaps their judgement can’t be trusted. Anyway, stay tuned to this station and all that.

The results of said test cut, about to be presented to the artist(s) for approval. Which I’m sure will be forthcoming. Obviously.

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