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December 2021

Evening. It might appear I’ve been quiet and not doing a lot, but that wouldn’t be exactly true. In fact I’ve been really flipping busy. I’ve been plagued with ‘technical issues’ recently, both warped discs and bloody printers, so I’m running a bit behind with stuff and I’m a bit surprised to find out how quickly December has vanished. I’ve had a fortnight off from the day job, which I’m already burning through at a fair old clip, trying to get back on track. I’ve just finished 30 of these rather spanking clear 10″s for the excellent Werra Foxma label (they’ll be in the post next week, chaps) and I’m now starting on a mammoth run of 10″ mini albums – this is a test cut, the final product will be transparent – and accompanying 7″s EPs of oscillator burbles for the equally excellent Buried Treasure, which I think will take me right up until I have to start getting out of pyjamas in the morning and putting on proper clothes again. Then I’m doing a small re-cut of the Negative Response album. And then… er, other things.

So, that’s my ‘holidays’ spoken for! I might have Xmas Day off, we shall see. Anyway, have a ‘fun’ festive period and all that. Right, drinks and stollen for me, I think, and hopefully I’ll manage to cram in that documentary about COUM Transmissions that was on telly a while ago. Good job I did ‘Get Back’ earlier this month. Here are a few photos from the latter half of 2021, I’ve been too busy to take them. Some capacity for February 2022 remains, get in touch eh?

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